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New Zealand Urethane Systems Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of AUSTRALIAN URETHANE SYSTEMS PTY. LTD. It was incorporated in 2001 to ensure effective and timely service and delivery of Polyurethane Systems and Associated Products  to our customers in New Zealand.

New Zealand Urethane Systems provides a comprehensive range of polyurethane systems under the AUSTHANE trade mark. We also supply specialised coating systems and PU spraying/processing equipment. Products are stocked and supplied directly to our New Zealand customers from our warehouse in Auckland and Christchurch.

The AUSTRALIAN URETHANE SYSTEMS GROUP is based in Sydney with the Head Office, customer and technical service and manufacturing operations at Kings Park and Seven Hills.

New Zealand Urethane Systems Limited distributes the range of polyurethane dispensing equipment from
GRACO, and SAiP Advanced Polyurethane Equipment. We also supply polyurea and polyurethane coating systems from POLYCOAT PRODUCTS USA.The POLYCOAT range of products includes chemical resistant, wear resistant and specific purpose coatings, as well as waterproofing and tanking product systems. A complementary range of primers and associated products are offered.

The AUS Group comprises three Companies -

Australian Urethane Systems Pty Ltd - operating in Australia since 1982
Australian Urethane & Styrene Pty Ltd - operating in Australia since 1998
New Zealand Urethane Systems Ltd - incorporated in New Zealand in 2001
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