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Polyurethane solvents
NZUS supplies a range of solvents for removing and cleaning polyurethane residues from contaminated metal gun parts and machinery components.
AUSCA Boil-up cleaning solvent for metal parts
For use with metal parts only for softening and removing cured polyurethane products.
Flushing / Cleaning solvent for cleaning polyurethane processing equipment.
For flushing liquid polyurethane (uncured) components in lines, pumps, and for gun flushing.
Recommended for flushing of GusmerŪ guns and equipment.
DPM Gun flushing solvent
AUSDOP Plasticiser solvent line and equipment fluid
For use in ISO pump cup seals and as plasticiser solvent.
For use as a PU equipment flushing solvent or after DPM gun solvent has been flushed through equipment / lines.
Introduce into lines / pumps / equipment to prevent possible residual moisture contamination.
Use in ISO cup seals and ISO pump "wet seal" circuits.
AUSFLUSH Cleaning solvent for use on/ with metal parts
Formulated cleaning solvent that will remove both cured and uncured polyurethane residues from metal parts.
For use on metal parts only.
PREFLUSH Flushing solvent for GRACO-GUSMERŪ machine line flushing
A specially formulated product for flushing lines on GRACO-GUSMERŪ machines.
Suitable for use with ISO side polyurea component.
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